NEXINEO Frequently Asked Questions

 Problem 1

All virtual desktop devices are turned on, but in NEXI Board main screen, thumbnails keep appearing and/or disappearing. How to fix it?


This is mostly network issue. Please check all network devices in ICT room - router, switch, cabling. You might need to restart router or switch. Make sure all network cables are correctly connected.

 Problem 2

Windows Server complains about licensing, even though it has already been licensed. What to do?


Go to “Settings → System → About”. Please find “Troubleshoot” option below server license. Clicking on this option will trigger an automatic fix that will resolve it.

 Problem 3

How to Fix User Profile Service Failed the Sign in on Windows?


One of the most likely reasons is running antivirus. Try to deactivate it and connect again. Please see more information here:

 Problem 4

Windows Server doesn’t seem to be connected to internet. How to proceed?


It might be conflict between IP address of internet proxy filter and actual IP address of the server. Check the internet proxy filter settings and compare it to IPv4 server address settings of network adapter. Value must be the same.

Administrator only

 Problem 5

Virtual desktop device is unable to log in, but credentials are all correct. What shall I do?


Disconnect all cables from the virtual desktop device, plug them back in and turn the unit on. If the login screen appears and you still can’t log in, contact NEXINEO IT Support and describe your findings.

 Problem 6

It’s not possible to log all virtual desktop devices. How to fix it?


Unplug the router and switch and plug them back in. Try to log in again. If that doesn't help, please check if the internet connection is available on the server. If the internet connection is available, switch might be faulty. If it's not, then router might be faulty. Please contact NEXINEO IT Support and describe your findings.

 Problem 7

Virtual desktop device is showing only black screen. What can be the cause?


  • Make sure the unit is visible in the NEXI Board management console. If so, cabling might be faulty or not connected correctly. Make sure that all cables (especially the HDMI cable) are plugged in correctly.

  • If the cabling is OK, swap the monitor for the working one. If you see the image, there’s a fault in the monitor. If not, unit might be faulty. Please contact NEXINEO IT Support and describe your findings.

  • If the unit is not visible in the NEXI Board Management Console, check the cabling. Swap the cabling for the working one. Please contact NEXINEO IT Support and describe your findings.

 Problem 8

Keyboard or mouse delivered by NEXINEO isn't working (applies both to the server and virtual desktop device). How shall I proceed?


Connect the mouse/keyboard to another virtual desktop device. If it doesn't work, please contact NEXINEO IT Support and describe your findings, it needs to be claimed. If the mouse/keyboard works on another unit, Virtual desktop device needs to be reinstalled/reconfigured. Please contact NEXINEO IT Support and describe your findings.

 Problem 9

Connected USB peripherals (other than keyboards, mice, storage media) don't work on the virtual desktop device. Why is this happening?


Make sure the component USB Redirection is part of your system and is correctly set up.

Applies to older systems only. Please contact NEXINEO IT Support to find out what version you do have installed.

 Problem 10

The system generally doesn't work. What to do?


Check all hardware components like server, switch, router, virtual desktop devices and monitors are powered on and all cabling is correct. You should be able to log into the server. Check the front panel of switch and router, there are LEDs supposed to be blinking. There should be login screen on every monitor displayed.

 Problem 11

Offline Microsoft products like Teams, Skype, Skype for Business or Microsoft 365 don’t seem to work. Why is that?


There might be proxy filter set up on the server. Either deactivate it or contact NEXINEO IT Support and describe your findings.

Administrator only

 Problem 12

Having odd issues with the task bar/random task bar freezing on Windows Server 2022?


First of all, export the registry path


and look at the file size. If it's around 40MB or more in size, then you have the same issue.

To resolve the issue, delete the key mentioned above and disable the TabletInputService service (Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service). Afterwards, take ownership of

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\ink\TabTip32.exe


C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\ink\TabTip.exe

and rename both executables into TabTip32.exe.orig and TabTip.exe.orig.

After that, reboot your server.

Administrator only

 Problem 13

While using some video conference web applications, I don’t seem to know what webcam to choose if there are more of them connected to NEXI GO system. Why is that?


In general, isolation of the webcams in NEXI GO system is still ‘work in progress’ and once it’s finished and sucessfully tested, it will be announced and delivered as part of solution.

Problem 14

Some very high graphics power demanding applications don’t seem to work correctly on NEXI GO system. What can be the cause?


There are two systems available at the moment - NEXI GO (mostly suitable for standard office applications) and NEXI GO Performance (suitable for Autodesk, YouTube, Google Earth, GeoGebra, Tinkercad, etc...). Some applications, designed mostly for the final video cut or detailed rendering process are not suitable to be used on these systems.

Problem 15

Once the system has been joined to the domain, some calls or actions seem to be slowed down or don’t seem to work at all. How shall we proceed?


Having the integration scenario, when NEXI system joins customer’s domain, local domain administrator should be contacted. NEXI systems have been tested in local domain, functionality in cloud and/or hybrid domains is not guaranteed.

Problem 16

What should I do if the system has no internet/network connection?


Even though all virtual desktop devices and server cabling and ethernet components seem to be correctly connected, there is generally no internet or connection.

Antivirus can also block the connection to the server. For example, if you have Eset Endpoint Security installed, you need to set a learning mode in the firewall settings. Make sure the server and virtual desktop devices are on the same subnet, by default IP addresses start with 192.168.X.Y, where X must match.

Problem 17

Online version of the Microsoft 365 office suite doesn’t seem to work correctly in NEXI GO. Why?


We recommend use of offline version of Microsoft 365. We're troubleshooting this issue and working on possible solution for this scenario.

Problem 18

Is it possible to back up Windows server in order to preserve system, applications and data?


Yes, one of the options is to open Administrative Tools and run Windows server Backup tool. It’s possible to create local backup - back up important files, applications or entire server on locally attached device or a network share. There is also online backup option - back up server to Azure

Administrator only

Problem 19

The TermServLicensing service (i.e. RDS Licensing in Server Manager) cannot be started.

​​ Solution

RDS Licensing and RDP Session Host need to be reinstalled via Server Manager. Then open "Services", find the ‘RDS Licensing’ service, right click and select "Properties", "Login" tab and select the "Local System Account" option and save and close.

Administrator only